Cross-boarder business activities open up the opportunity to reach German clients, to tap into the German market and to be even more successful internationally. Good international tax planning contributes to this success. Given careful planning, the tax burden in Germany can be successfully reduced by means of targeted international tax modeling. Certain company legal structures or the use of selected hybrid financial instruments generate tax advantages. For us, international tax planning means that we are with you from the very beginning: a fiscal concept that helps you to avoid all the tax hurdles, because we know the applicable double taxation treaties and where both the tax opportunities but also the tax risks for your company are. Whenever necessary, our German international tax planning practice cooperates with foreign tax advisers who share our demands for quality and competitive costs. We are proud to be able to offer you our comprehensive tax planning services in Germany at highly competitive fee rates. Our philosophy is to combine professional excellence with competitive costs to your benefit. Following the tax concept, there comes the day-to-day business in Germany. Isensee International operates offices in Munich and Hamburg.


Our German tax and accounting services include the following:



    We work with our clients who require bookkeeping support to identify suitable outsourcing or other solutions.
    We actively manage the timing of the accounts production process to ensure that you meet your statutory responsibilities and through this information, take advantage of early tax planning opportunities. We also ensure there is the minimum delay between data delivery and you receiving your accounts.
    All aspects of Corporation Tax compliance which include the preparation of the Corporate Tax returns, calculation of liabilities, corresponding with the German Tax Authorities, submitting computations and preparation of claims and elections where appropriate to maximise tax savings. We will also deal with enquiries from the German Tax Authoritiesand may help ensure compliance obligations are met. We also provide advice for Payroll and VAT.


    We provide a range of services for Partnerships including preparation of the Partnership Tax returns, individual partner’s returns, calculation of liabilities, commencement and cessation (including, admission of new partners and partner cessations), correspondence with the German Tax Authorities, conversion to Limited Liability Partnerships, and capital gains tax implications of asset disposals.

    Most businesses will agree that managing the payroll and under understanding the ever-changing legislation that affects this standing function of your business is frustrating and time consuming. We can help with an outsourcing solution.
    Isensee International as an accounting firm and its associated law firm set up companies in a way that enable investors to operate their business successfully in Germany.